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Wednesday February 8, 2017

Chapter II of the Society of Broadcast Engineers will hold its next meeting on Wednesday, February 8, at 1:00 pm. The meeting will be held at Perkins Restaurant located at 304 Route 315, Pittston, PA. You can order lunch off the menu on your own.

Our guest speaker will be Mr. Frank Grundstein of Logitek Electronic Systems. He is the Director of Sales for Logitek Electronic Systems. His varied career in broadcasting spans over 35 years. Since 1993 he has been in broadcast sales working for Harris, Radio Systems and, for the past 6 years, Logitek. Frank's engineering career has touched on most environments for Audio for Broadcast. He has been a Major Market Chief Engineer, a video/film production facility manager, Chief Tech of a recording studio and a computer animator. He has a Master's Degree in Communications Systems from NYU and currently holds SBE certifications as CBRE and CBNT.

Mr. Grundstein's presentation is titled IP Protocols for Audio and Video - A networking Update. IP Audio Networks have become the accepted method for new facility construction. Video over IP is gaining traction fast. For Audio, we have the universally adopted AES-67 transport standard; the AES-70 not so widely adopted control protocol, but still no discovery protocol. For Video, there are, at this moment, an alphabet soup of 7 industry groups proposing various solutions for Video over IP. Where do we stand and how do we know what to do if we are thinking about a facility renovation? We'll review the current state of IP for Audio and Video, see where the paths intersect and maybe find a Unified Field Theory for IP for broadcast.

Please mark your calendar now so you will not miss this informative presentation!

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EAS News Update

Date: December 20, 2016

PEMA has released the required monthly test schedule for 2017 shown below.

2017 Pennsylvania EAS RMT Schedule

Date Time Day/Night Sent via
January 19 9:05 AM Day EMnet
February 16 4:15 AM Night
March 16 9:15 AM Day EMnet
April 20 12:35 AM Night EMnet
May 18 10:05 AM Day EMnet
June 15 4:30 AM Night EMnet
July 20 10:15 AM Day EMnet
August 17 12:45 AM Night EMnet
September 21 10:30 AM Day EMnet
October 19 4:40 AM Night EMnet
November 16 10:45 AM Day EMnet
December 21 4:45 AM Night EMnet

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Other Events

September 21-23, 2016: NAB Radio Show, Nashville, TN

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SBE Certification Exam Schedule for 2017

 Exam Dates Location Application Deadline
April 25, 2017 NAB Convention, Las Vegas NV March 17, 2016
June 2-12, 2017 Local Chapters April 21, 2017
August 4-14, 2017 Local Chapters June 5, 2017
November 3-13, 2017 Local Chapters September 25, 2017

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The Society of Broadcast Engineers, Chapter 2 scholarship is awarded to a student in the Electronic Technology Program at Johnson College with recognized technical aptitude and scholastic achievement.

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